Audit & Forensic Services

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Audit Division

The audit division specialises in Internal Audit and other specialised audits as depicted below.

Internal Audit:
  • Auditing to the International Standards of Internal Auditing
  • Drafting one and three year Internal Audit Plans that is risk based
  • Planning, execution and Reporting to Audit Committees
  • Quarterly feedback to the Audit Committees and
  • Effectively managing large teams of Auditors on assignments
Specialised Audits:
  • Risk Management audits
  • Audit of Statistics
  • Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery audits (including ISO 22301) and
  • Financial Due Diligence reviews
3rd Party Due Diligence Services:
  • Data / information collection;
  • Verification and validation of data/ information; and
  • Evaluation of results, including identification of red flags.

Forensic Services

Fraud Prevention Services:
  • Fraud risk analysis
  • Evaluate policies and procedures and
  • Fraud awareness training
Health Checks And Detection
(Risk Assessments):
  • Data analysis – data mining
  • Whistle blower mechanism
  • Fraud response plan and
  • Fraud incident register
Theft And Fraud Related Investigations:

Planning Phase – Time, Team And Place:
  • Obtain mandate and approval
Preliminary Phase:
  • Determine whether interim relief is necessary – suspension
  • Confirmation of allegation and
  • Preliminary report
Detailed Investigation Phase:
  • Review potential legal issues
  • Interview individuals with knowledge of the fact and
  • Preserve, obtain and review all relevant documents
Evaluation And Reporting Phase:
  • Evaluate all facts obtained
  • Prepare investigation report with recommendation
  • Take appropriate action and
  • Follow-up