Our Firm

“Experts at what we do.”


Baitseanape Management Consulting (Pty) Ltd (“BMC’) have specialists with more than 20 years’ experience in the Corporate Governance, Compliance, Internal Audit, Forensic, Information Technology and Advisory field. In our network of professionals we have more than 200 professional staff that includes Internal Auditors, Forensic Auditors, and Compliance officers.


BMC strives to be a leading and prestigious, niche management consulting services firm specialising in Corporate Governance, Compliance Services (Including Privacy, POPI and GDPR), Forensic Services, Internal Audit, Information Technology, Assurance, Risk Management, General Management, Project Management, Training and other Business Advisory Services.


We will realise our vision by delivering professional services to the highest quality, providing the added value sought by our clients. Our main objectives to achieve our vision are:
  • Providing specialist resources (right person at the right time) for assignments;
  • Providing exceptional service delivery;
  • Providing cutting-edge expertise at competitive and affordable prices;
  • Being client focused with personalised expertise;
  • Delivering tailor-made client-specific solutions; and
  • Building strong and sustainable partnerships and alliances.


  • Our guiding principles are underpinned by our value proposition to our clients that seek “Experts at what we do”. Our value drivers are embedded in our service delivery:
  • Commitment – Loyalty and dedication to serve and protect the BMC brand and clients;
  • Honesty and integrity – Conduct actions that are truthful, without misrepresentation or compromise of facts and honouring our commitments through ethical behaviour at all times;
  • Objectivity – Exhibiting fairness and an unbiased mental attitude as we provide services in a manner that does not compromise quality and client focus;
  • Professionalism – Conduct that abides by the codes of ethics issued by the professional bodies we are associated with;
  • Respect – Embracing teamwork, diversity, courteousness and kindness in behaviour’s towards self, colleagues, clients and the wider community in which we are located.