Governance & POPI / GDPR Services

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Corporate Governance

The corporate governance advisory includes King IV reviews, development of policies, frameworks and all related advisory services. These services also include the structuring and aligning of the processes in the corporate governance space. Some of the main areas are:

  • High Level King IV Corporate Governance reviews
  • Compliance Management (Generally Accepted Compliance Practices)
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) (including ISO 33000)
  • Business Continuity and IT Disaster Recovery (including ISO 22301)
  • Information Technology Management (including ISO 22701)
  • Ethics and HR Management
  • Internal Audit Management and
  • Board and Cosec Management

POPI / GDPR Implementation

We do the End to End implementation that includes legal, IT, Operations etc. For more info on POPI / GDPR contact us at

  • Establish the Context
  • POPI / GDPR Gap Analysis
  • POPI / GDPR Awareness Training
    • Board
    • Management
    • General awareness
  • Design policies and procedures
  • Align Current policies and procedures
  • Perform detailed review and mapping of Personal Information
  • Review and Monitoring
  • Audit and create action plans
  • Assess outcome



As you might be aware some pro-active companies have already started with the implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act no 4 of 2013 (POPIA). Companies have started with their POPIA awareness training sessions for the Board, Management, and Employees as required by the draft regulations of POPIA that were published during 2017.